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Interior Design

Cintrón Vidal Design Group leaves every interior they design well-edited, with each detail having a distinct purpose and meaning. Homes and offices are reenvisioned with bold contemporary artwork, and galleries and public spaces are reimagined with smart, cutting-edge installations.

Lead designer Samuel Cintrón has decades of knowledge, skills and experiences at his disposal. He selects only those elements that, when thoughtfully combined, makes an idea brilliantly come to life. Cintrón’s designs are informed by history, architecture, styles, textures and colors. He conscientiously considers form and function throughout interiors to create a holistic experience. Cintrón hand-picks works by world-renowned contemporary artists and incorporates hidden gems that culminate into a one-of-a-kind space suited to clients’ tastes.

Among Cintrón Vidal Design Group’s notable projects are O’Lala Empanadas Restaurant, Unshakeable Productions Studio, Facebook, private events, stage and set designs, churches, and complete interior and exterior renovations of residential spaces.

Emboldened with a curatorial approach to interior design, Cintrón Vidal Design Group designs bespoken milieus, specifically crafted with the client’s well-being in mind, that hold up to the test of time.