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Duda Penteado

An art educator, cultural activist and lifelong student of human experiences, Penteado practices “artivism” to expose national and global social issues. His artwork reflects historical and artistic perspectives of peace, globalization, racial injustice, sustainability, cultural identity, diaspora and dual citizenship.

For the last 25 years, he has created drawings, paintings, sculptures and other visual artistic manifestations in response to geopolitical and social phenomena. Through the use of collage, montage, assemblage, readymades and media pranks, Penteado pushes the boundaries of the status quo in his installations and performances.

When creating public art projects, Penteado engages people at every level of the community in the intellectual and creative process. Together, they orchestrate the design and presentation of elaborate, meaningful murals—a combination of visual poetry and cultural dissent that invites discourse, encourages reflection and evokes re/action.

An internationally-renowned ” ARTIVIST”, Penteado shares time and space between the United States and Brazil. His multidisciplinary work has been exhibited in galleries, cultural institutions and museums throughout North and South America as well as in Europe.

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